The Value of Taking Time to Think Strategically

taking time to think strategically

People ask me why the Catapult process works so well. I typically tell them that it is a combination of things. First the three components: mastermind group, business education, and business coaching all contribute to the development of the chief executive.

The mastermind process is critical to learning from other CEOs, testing your ideas, receiving feedback, and shortening the growth cycle. Catapult Groups members tend to significantly outgrow their competitors. Coaching helps explore opportunities and receive feedback on issues. Both yield levels of accountability that are difficult to achieve alone. Listening and learning from subject matter experts lend continuing education for the chief executive—similar to an MBA only much more relevant and specific. All add significantly to the growth and profitability of member company.

Interestingly the one area that I think helps the most is also the most difficult to put parameters on: it is the significant growth that comes from being strategic. Catapult Groups members take a day a month away from their office to focus strategically, and this is likely the most powerful component. Recently a CNBC video described the value of taking time to think. We wholeheartedly agree.

Watch the video by clicking the link below:

Why this entrepreneur takes Wednesdays off — and how it’s made him millions

For financial advisor Ramit Sethi, Wednesday is the opposite of a “hump” day. It’s the day he takes off to strategize and plan.

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