How Great Leaders Deliver Feedback

Are you inadvertently slighting your employees? Does your feedback truly show that you appreciate them? Catapult Group’s Founder and CEO Brad Mishlove digs into what great feedback is and what it can mean for each individual, along with Darrell Evans, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Strategist of Yokel Local Internet Marketing.

Leaders give feedback daily, but what we say, how we say it, and how much we say speaks volumes to the person receiving it. When an employee gets a “Looks good” after having spent weeks on a project, they can feel as if they’re not truly valued. In the age of COVID, where most communication happens online, what goes unsaid can start to do your talking for you. Especially now, leaders have to invest the time and effort into giving their employees feedback that demonstrates how they are valued within the organization. Your employees deserve more feedback than two words and an emoji, and by giving them more, you can enrich your own organization at every level.

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Brad Mishlove is the Founder and CEO of Catapult Groups. Mr. Mishlove also serves as executive coach, mentor, and senior advisor to entrepreneurs. Clients typically hire Mishlove to bring strategy, systems, and accountability to growing enterprises.

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