E003: Stop Managing and Start Leading

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As the CEO of an organization, you may have invested in leadership development for you and your team, thinking it was the right thing to do.  Employee “empowerment” has been a buzz word in business circles, but you may not know how it translates to the long-term health of your business.

In this episode of the Catapult Business Growth podcast, Brad Mishlove, founder & CEO of Catapult Groups, tackles the topic of leadership vs. management. Why developing leaders within your company is a solid growth strategy, and how, in the end, a management approach will end up costing you more.

If you’re struggling with where to start as you make the transition from manager to leader, Brad recommends you begin with some simple conversations.

He also shares lessons learned from his years as a business owner, how they led him to change his approach and set a solid path for growth. If you’re not convinced that a managerial style will likely go the way of the dinosaur, you will be after this episode.

Questions we ask Brad:

  • What is the distinction between leadership and management?
  • Why is it so important to understand the difference?
  • Can leadership be taught?
  • How important is it for managers to exhibit leadership skills?
  • What can CEOs do to develop their leadership skills?

What you’ll learn:

  • Why leadership is the preferred long-term strategy for thriving companies
  • The rare occasion when a management approach could be effective
  • What it takes to build a leadership culture within an organization
  • The sense of empowerment that comes from a leadership culture and how that translates to a company’s bottom line
  • Why a management culture is ultimately less scalable and more expensive for your business

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