E004: How to Go from Analysis Paralysis to Definitive Action

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Transcript of Catapult Groups Podcast EpisodeĀ 4

It’s not uncommon for companies to be paralyzed by over-thinking and analyzing. In many organizations, the amount of boardroom discussion about projects far outpaces the amount of action that’s actually taken on those projects.

In this episode of the Catapult Business Growth podcast, Brad Mishlove, founder & CEO of Catapult Groups, talks about why analysis paralysis is a common state for many businesses. We delve into where this inaction comes from and what can be done to move past it.

Ultimately, it’s action that’s going to create value for your firm. But because many firms don’t have sufficient profitability, they don’t have time to implement new initiatives. Brad talks about the connection between margin and the ability to implement a strategy.

If you’re ready to give yourself some time to think strategically, and in turn, spur your team into action, give this episode a listen for inspiration.

Questions we ask Brad:

  • Is analysis paralysis just a result of today’s fast pace of business or does it come from another place?
  • What keeps CEOs from taking action?
  • How can leaders develop a proclivity for action?
  • How does a peer advisory board help people get past their analysis paralysis?

What you’ll learn:

  • Why organizational bandwidth (or lack thereof) keeps companies from taking action
  • Why many companies excel at taking ideas and turning them into reality while others never get past strategy
  • When it’s time to move forward on an idea (and stop talking about it)
  • What you, the CEO or business owner, can do right now to get out of the discussion phase and into the action phase
  • Why consistent action is good for your company and its culture
  • How a peer advisory board can help you move faster in your business

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