E005 Fuel Your Business Growth in 2018

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Transcript of Catapult Business Growth Podcast Episode 5

Are you ready to make 2018 a banner year for your business? The forecast for 2018, by all accounts, is a positive one here in Las Vegas. We know plenty of you will be ready to make big investments on the path to an even more profitable business.

In this episode of the Catapult Business Growth podcast, Brad Mishlove, founder, and CEO of Catapult Groups discusses the top strategies for fueling business growth in 2018. From thinking outside the box when hiring new employees, to taking advantage of digital marketing platforms, to using automation for greater efficiency and accuracy, Brad talks about the many options for taking your business to the next level.

Brad also shares some of the unique things he’s seen companies do to innovate on their path to growth. In the end, he says, it comes down to two main things: people and a plan. Listen to the full episode to get his insight.

Questions We Ask Brad:

  • Do you think we’re going to see more businesses taking more risks as a result of the current state of the economy?
  • How should companies be investing in people?
  • What can more established companies who have been slower to adopt digital do to keep up with the intensifying competition and the growth that happens from the internet?
  • What are some innovative things that you have seen companies do to increase their business?
  • What is your number one recommendation for aggressive CEOs who want to double their business in 2018?

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why businesses have reason to celebrate in 2018
  • What type of risks are “smart risks” for your company
  • Why this is a time to hire with confidence
  • Why it’s important not to abandon the tried and true techniques for growing revenue in favor of the “new marketing”
  • Why an integrated growth strategy is always the best strategy
  • The most important things Brad thinks your company can be doing to improve the value of online service.

Transcript of Catapult Groups Podcast Episode 5

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