E006 Turn Your Customers Into Collaborators

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Transcript of Catapult Groups Podcast Episode 6

“I’m not interested in competitors. I’m interested in customers,” says Brad Mishlove, founder, and CEO of Catapult Groups. So many companies nowadays get bogged down in trying to replicate the actions of their competitors. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t pay attention to what your competitors are doing, but, Brad says, you should pay more attention to your customers’ feedback.

In this episode of the Catapult Business Growth podcast, Brad discusses his best tips on turning your customers into collaborators as a strategy for innovation in your business. As a CEO, he recommends that you get out in the field regularly and listen to the feedback you get from customers. Then take that feedback to create new products and services that your customer really wants.

Brad shares a story from his own business experience that showed him how innovation on behalf of a client opened up new streams of revenue for his business. If you’re ready to turn your customers into collaborators, then this episode is for you? after all, “customers buy. Competitors don’t.”

Questions We Ask Brad:

  • Do you think companies spend too much time focusing on the competition?
  • How do you get your customers to engage with you?
  • What kind of innovation can come from engagement with your customers?
  • Is the idea of turning customers into collaborators a hard sell for a lot of CEOs?

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why customer-centric companies (like Southwest) win
  • How listening to customer feedback helps you innovate better than your competitors
  • Why getting out in the field has tremendous value for a CEO
  • Why focusing on your competition will not grow your business
  • Why a customer-centric strategy requires you to slow down a bit (not easy for many CEOs)

Transcript of Catapult Groups Podcast Episode 6

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