Business Advisory Group Members

The program provides a confidential, supportive environment where members can openly discuss business challenges, seek advice, and share best practices. Members have access to outside experts and resources, including executive coaches, business consultants, and industry-specific experts.

Catapult Groups also offers additional services such as personalized coaching and mentoring, leadership training, and strategic planning. The goal is to help members achieve business growth and reach their full potential as leaders. The program is designed to help members reach their goals faster, more effectively and with less stress.

It's time to thrive

What our Members have to Say

"Joining Catapult Groups has given me the opportunity to dig into the characteristics of leadership that helps me lead my company in a deep way, not simply manage it."


- Dave LesterExecutive Vice President, Brown & Brown of Nevada

Real Time ROI

  • 100% agreed membership improved their company's performance.
  • 100% obtained new knowledge.
  • 90% were able to improve organization in their professional life.
  • 88% developed clearer performance benchmarks.

*Source: "Why CEO Peer to Peer Groups Work", BusinessNH, May 14, 2012

Why CEO Peer Groups WorkWhy-CEO-Peer-Groups-Work