Catapult Groups Releases Results of Q2 Entrepreneurial Index

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Catapult Groups Survey Finds Business Leaders Still Optimistic for 2014

Las Vegas, NV, April 21, 2014 – Catapult Groups, a peer advisory firm for CEOs and business owners based in Las Vegas, today announced the results of an index of CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs on the overall business climate facing CEOs heading into the second quarter of 2014. The Catapult Groups Entrepreneurial Index was conducted via online surveys March 17, 2014 – April 1, 2014 and captured business owner’s outlooks on: expected revenue growth, job creation expectations, capital investments, commercial financing, and their impression of the overall business climate.

Of the fifty CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs from across the United States that were surveyed, an overwhelming 98 percent of respondents indicated that they expect revenues to expand in the second quarter of 2014, a 12 percent increase from our Q1 index, and a continuation of the upward trend in business leader confidence in the rebounding global economy. Respondents were split when it came to staffing with business leaders stating they expect to either hire additional staff (50 percent) or stay with their existing staff (50 percent). None of the respondents indicated that they plan to downsize during the second quarter, a 7 percent improvement from our Q1 index.

Respondents also indicated they are less likely to make capital investments in their business, with 54 percent indicating they would not make any investments, an 8 percent drop from Q1.

Overall, the Entrepreneurial Index suggests that business owners continue to be optimistic – and conservative – heading into the second quarter of 2014.

  • 98 percent expect revenues to expand
  • 50 percent expect to hire/50 percent expect to stay the same
  • 70 percent believe the overall business climate is improving
  • 54 percent anticipate making capital investments in their company
  • 76 percent will not finance their business through a loan from a commercial bank.

“What’s interesting about the second quarter 2014 results is that nearly all of our respondents expect their revenues to expand, but only half plan to hire additional staff,”  said Brad Mishlove, CEO of Catapult Groups. “The results indicate that business owners are feeling upbeat and, in the wake of the economic decline, are now used to doing more with less. It remains to be seen if this model is sustainable.”

Brad Mishlove