Five Ways to Fight Leadership Burnout

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We’ve all heard about burnout, and many of us have experienced it. But, if like many business owners, you’re doing more with less in wake of the Great Recession, here are a few ways to avoid corporate burnout:

1) Have a great vision

Leaders rarely burnout on big projects no matter how insurmountable they may seem. Take, for instance, “Skunk Works”, the official alias for Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Development Programs. In October 1943, Skunk Works was charged with developing and delivering a jet fighter that would match the most powerful jet engine of the day, the British Goblin. Leaders at Skunk Works didn’t burnout; instead they created genius. All nights and weekends were devoted to creating the F-80 Shooting Star, the first jet fighter to be used operationally by the United States Air Force. They delivered the Shooting Star in 143 days, seven less than was required. One of our Catapult Groups workshop speakers, Boaz Rauchwerger, says that when the why is big enough, the how doesn’t matter.

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2) Hire an awesome team

Great people not only co-lead but they bring energy to the process. Good teams have meetings – great teams go to war together. By surrounding yourself with great people not only do you get better results, but you also get to spread out the workload.

3) Be strategic and encourage the participation of others

Stay out of the weeds and above the fray. The role of the CEO is to look out further than everyone else. Knowing where you are headed with confidence keeps doubt and burnout away.

Participate in a peer advisory board. There is nothing quite like being surrounded by a group of like-minded CEOs who all have the same job you do. They understand what you are experiencing, and are often right there with you. Air it out, refine your strategy, be accountable, and most importantly get results.

4) Take periodic breaks

Take time for yourself and your family. Get out of town and change your environment. Work with your hands. Do something new. Take a class. Read a good book. Find a hobby you enjoy.

5) Take care of your health

Eat properly and exercise. A quick walk outside will get you out of the office, into fresh air, and quite possibly, get your creative juices flowing and, ultimately, help you from feeling burnt out.

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Brad Mishlove