Group Leaders Who Walk in the Shoes of a CEO

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Who are the men and women who become Catapult Group Leaders? Out of all the people with some kind of business knowledge, who do we select to lead groups of high-performing CEOs, business owners, managing partners and senior-level executives?

As anyone who’s participated in a CEO peer advisory group can tell you, the person in charge can make all the difference between a high-functioning group and a mere assortment of individuals who really never click. And while there are plenty of “experts” out there who can talk at great length about business trends, management styles, the best ways to market your business, and so on, we strongly believe that only someone with CEO experience is truly qualified to be a Catapult Group Leader.

Every man and woman we hire for this critically important role has to have run a company at one point or another in their career–or we’re not interested.

Members of Catapult Groups face specific business challenges every day. They make strategic decisions affecting the future of their business, but they also have to hire and fire, make payroll and execute on countless other situations. That’s why potential Catapult Group Leaders must come to us with significant experience as a founder, owner, CEO, president, COO, chairman of the board, principal or managing partner. This kind of experience can’t be learned from books or seminars. When Catapult Group Leaders encourage members to “hang in there” and “live to fight another day,” they understand these gifted men and women know what they’re talking about.

Every Catapult Group Leader has walked in the shoes of a CEO. They understand from personal experience what’s needed to achieve success in the marketplace. And, most importantly, they’re dedicated to facilitating their members’ agendas, not their own. It’s a distinction not every CEO peer advisory group out there draws or even considers. That’s why so many business owners get frustrated with the peer-group process and feel they’re being led by someone who doesn’t truly “get” what they’re all about.

If you’re looking into becoming a member of a Catapult Group (or any other organization, for that matter), be sure to examine the experience and credentials of the individuals hired to lead those groups. We believe that if they haven’t actually run a business themselves, they don’t have the gut-level knowledge to guide people like you to the success you so richly deserve.

Are you ready to join other CEOs, managers and senior-level executives in a confidential group setting, where you’ll be challenged and rewarded like never before in your professional life? Learn more about becoming a Catapult Group member today.

Brad Mishlove