How to Stay Motivated Leading Your Business

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When business is booming, being motivated is rarely an issue. But if you hit a bad stretch or feel like you’re in a slump, your core motivation may suffer. Here are some suggestions for staying motivated while leading your business.

Set new goals. One strong motivator is setting a goal and working to achieve it. Write down a set of 1-2 short-term goals with specific deadlines, then monitor your progress towards getting them done. As each goal gets marked off the list, your interest and self-confidence will grow. Now take a long-range goal and break it down into daily or weekly action steps. Momentum will build toward achieving this big goal and your motivation will kick in.

Find inspiration in the success of others. We all have a “hero” we admire and seek to emulate. The more you learn about how your personal heroes overcame obstacles to success, the more motivated you’ll be to take on challenges  in your own life.

Avoid negativity. When external events block our way, it’s tempting to lapse into a negative mind-set and lose motivation. Instead, adjust your perspective to unleash the opportunities these apparent setbacks create.

Another “anti-negativity” tip: Try cutting back on your exposure to the media’s endless barrage of bad news. Look for more positive influences, such as motivational tapes or music that boosts your spirits.

The same idea applies to negative people, the ones who whine and complain and feel defeated by the world around them. They’re trapped in a loop of negativity, but there’s no reason you have to be trapped with them. Seek out new people who have ambition and drive. Their upbeat attitude is infectious.

Snap out of your routine. At some point, nearly ever leader feels stuck in a rut. Get creative. Shake things up. Delegate the everyday stuff to your team. Find new ways to think about your business.

Take a break. Sometimes all we need is a change of scene or an unusual activity to get motivated again. Try doing something completely unrelated to your business–reading a book, running a 5K, taking your kid to the park. It’s worth it to you and your business to recharge and reconnect with the motivation that propelled you to leadership in the first place.

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Brad Mishlove