Should You Compete for Talent with the Big Guys?

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Guest post by Brad Remillard

The next in our Catapult Groups Webinar Series, set for December 19, features executive recruiter Brad Remillard, co-founder of IMPACT Hiring Solutions. Brad will discuss “Advanced Interviewing: Eliminate Embellishment and Exaggeration.” Here, he shares his insights here on whether it makes sense for your small business to compete for talent with larger companies.

In my search practice, I have placed many people in small and large companies. The main issue is rarely compensation. In fact, if that is the primary issue then you will never win, as there’s always some company willing to pay more (the same goes for the big guys).

Should you even be competing against large companies for talent? Their culture, support, systems and budgets often don’t align with the resources available to a small company. So you might be searching in the wrong pool for candidates.

Especially in today’s economy, money isn’t everything. Candidates are seeking much more than just compensation. They want stability, a healthy life/work balance and being part of a  company where they can make a genuine impact. They understand that smaller companies tend move quicker than their larger counterparts, often come with much less bureaucracy, offer both hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit and have that personal touch where everyone knows everyone else. It’s exciting to be part of a growing company with a bold vision for the future.

In my experience, smaller companies don’t always consider these things when they’re talking to qualified candidates.  Instead, they go right to compensation, rather than exploring the other benefits that come with working for a small business. Granted, there’s fair compensation for every position and person, but once that level is met, other things come into play.

Don’t ignore the seasoned workforce out there. Many older workers are outstanding employees. They bring to the position a level of maturity and expertise no younger worker can duplicate—and often for a very reasonable compensation package. I believe many smaller companies fail to make use of this tried-and-true workforce. It may be your most competitive edge!

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Brad Mishlove