2023 Entrepreneur Index Results – 4th Quarter

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As a CEO who advises companies on growth and scale, it is crucial to stay in tune with the pulse of the entrepreneurial community, especially amidst ever-evolving economic conditions. We recently conducted a comprehensive survey to gain valuable insights into the prevailing sentiment among entrepreneurs.


Here are the results of the Catapult Groups Entrepreneur Index for the fourth quarter of 2023, which sheds light on the perspectives and strategies of entrepreneurs as they navigate the current economic landscape.


The results reveal a mixed business climate, a refreshing view of entrepreneurial spirit, a change in hiring trends, operational efficiency, and the evolving financing landscape.

2023 Q4 Entrepreneur Index Results Infographic_Catapult Groups


Entrepreneur Index Summary

Business climate mixed with 33% believing it is improving, 46% saying it will be about the same, and 21% believing it will decline - an improvement over the previous quarter, where 32% believed it will decline. 

Entrepreneurial Spirit
With that, it is always refreshing to view the entrepreneurial spirit: an overwhelming 92% of respondents think their business revenues will expand in the coming quarter. Small businesses believe that they will outperform the macro environment. I believe they individually have the opportunity to outperform the economy as a whole.

On the staffing front, some small businesses plan to force reductions - 42% plan to hire, and 50% plan to stay at the current headcount - 8% expect to downsize. This is in contrast to the expanding revenues. Is small business getting more efficient?


Operational Efficiency

With expanding revenues, it is interesting that most small businesses expect greater efficiency, with 62.5% planning no capital investment. Again, does this speak to efficiency gains or filling excess capacity?


Financing and Capital

Financing has been challenging in our current environment. Banks have tightened, rates have increased, and small business is left to figure it out. Entrepreneurs always do - only 4% plan to use bank financing, 8% expect to use an alternative lender, and the balance, 88% of respondents will fund their business internally - from profits, I hope, perhaps from the efficiency gains questioned above.


About Catapult Groups:

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