Are You the Rainmaker for Your Business?

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A rainmaker is someone who generates revenue for the business, and what could be more important than that? Yet time and again, I see many CEOs and business owners getting focused on other things, which despite being important as well, don’t figure as a strategic role in the way a rainmaker does.

Successful business leaders don’t relinquish this role to someone else in the company. They meet it head-on, with the understanding that no one’s better placed to keep revenue-generating activities at the top of the “to-do” list.

Become a Rainmaker

So if you’re not a rainmaker now, what do you do to become one?

First, constantly make certain that your organization offers products or services that are attractive in the marketplace. (Some business owners coast on regular sales without looking too closely at changing customer needs or preferences). This involves getting out of the office and meeting clients and prospective clients to confirm the value of your offering and to generate more sales.

As a rainmaker, you’re also looking ahead. How can I create new opportunities for growth in our community? What products can we make that will prove useful to customers in the future? Again, your particular expertise and outlook are instrumental in creating a vision that’s both lofty and reality-based but will, in fact, generate more future revenue.

Innovation happens when you have conversations within and outside your industry. Talking with the right people enables you to spot trends and anticipate needs. From these conversations come insightful new strategies and fresh ideas.

Get It on Your Calendar

Don’t put this off. Get it on your calendar: Each week, I’m going to see x number of clients, talk to x number of colleagues, attend x number of industry events. Every so often, I’m going to put on an “inventor hat” and ask, “What if we did x to boost our revenue stream?” These aren’t idle questions to debate with a friend after work. These are questions to address today, tomorrow and in the weeks and months to come.

Members of Catapult Groups get this. These CEOs and business leaders are always thinking, What’s my next river of cash? They approach the rainmaker role in a systematic way and engage in potential revenue-generating activities on a regular basis.

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Brad Mishlove