How High Achievers Get What They Want

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On January 23, 2013, we present the latest in the Catapult Groups Business Webinar Series, “Great Relationships Lead to Greater Success.” The presentation is led by Boaz Rauchwerger, an internationally-known speaker, trainer, consultant and author. Originally from Israel, Boaz has been a newscaster, newspaper publisher, network television producer, CEO, and now conducts over 100 seminars yearly worldwide. In today’s post, he talks about how high achievers reach their goals. Join us for Boaz’s January 23rd presentation by registering here.

As 2013 gets underway, people are setting goals with the high hopes that this year will be different.

Unfortunately, most people won’t achieve the goals they seek because they’re approaching them from the wrong direction. They’re focusing on the how rather than the why.

Do these goals sound familiar? “How do I lose weight?” “How do I make more money?” “How do I get ahead in my career?”

According to Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, we should first identify a “reason to do better”—that is, an exciting reward. “If the ‘why’ is exciting enough, the ‘how’ doesn’t matter.” Thus, to get to the next level, you have to identify your next reward, your “why.” This should be something achievable within the next few months, rather than something so huge your mind can’t conceive it.

For example, let’s say you want your next reward to be a weekend get-away at a beautiful resort. Or maybe you wish to purchase a fabulous entertainment system for your home. Whatever it is, get a picture of it. Put yourself in the picture. If it’s a new vehicle, take a test drive in that vehicle and have a picture taken of you in the new car.

Get a picture about the size of a business card. Then type out a goal (stated as if you’re already in possession of that reward) and set a date. Add one or two positive affirmations to that goal, such as, “I am a talented, successful high achiever. I am a champion.” Put the affirmations and the picture back-to-back and have it laminated.

Read your affirmations out loud, first thing in the morning and last thing every night, without judgment, while looking at your picture. Watch what happens as you continue the process. Your mind will focus on your exciting “why,” the reason for doing better. The combination of positive goal-setting and positive affirmations will make your subconscious mind believe you’re already in possession of both those personal traits and your reward.

When you actually achieve that reward, take a picture of the next one and repeat this process.

This is how high achievers get what they want. They clearly identify their next reward and then focus their minds on doing what it takes to get it. You now do the same thing.

Brad Mishlove