How to Transform Gross Margins Into Growth

1 Minute Read

Great companies aren’t made by cutting costs alone. So why is this always the main focus when we talk about gross margins? Part of the problem goes back to the way we think about them. Margins are abstract percentages, while gross dollars are cold, hard cash. Each one of those dollars should work to grow your business, but do they?

Check in to see how Brad Mishlove, Catapult Group’s Founder and CEO, and Darrell Evans, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Strategist of Yokel Local Internet Marketing, pick through the strategy behind the math that determines your business’s profitability. Getting to the next level is never easy, but your company won’t get there if you don’t build for it now. Central to that is accepting risk and understanding what your margins are telling you.

Your profitability today and tomorrow can fluctuate, but what matters most to your company’s long-term success is that your resources are going toward growth (even if your numbers don’t look so great right now). While margins matter, it’s also important to look past their ebb and flow to ensure that every dollar in your business is working toward a goal that will pay off. Tune in to discover what you need to know to stay the course to achieve your vision!

Brad Mishlove is the Founder and CEO of Catapult Groups. Mr. Mishlove also serves as executive coach, mentor, and senior advisor to entrepreneurs. Clients typically hire Mishlove to bring strategy, systems, and accountability to growing enterprises.

Brad Mishlove