Key to Success in 2013: Focus and Discipline

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With endless talk out of Washington (and in the media) about fiscal cliffs, fluctuating markets, tax hikes, deficits and spending cuts, it’s easy for CEOs and business owners to get distracted from what matters most: staying focused on running their business.

Much of this economic turmoil will probably spill over into 2013, but that doesn’t have to affect how you do things adversely. As members of Catapult Groups understand, focus and discipline are the keys to success in the new year.

These qualities resulted in some remarkable Catapult Groups success stories in 2012. One member’s company saw a whopping 300% increase in sales, another recorded a 50% hike in profits, while yet another member company successfully raised $8 million in operating capital.

These impressive efforts are all directly related to the CEO or business owner’s experience as a Catapult Groups member—both from the input they received in Mastermind sessions with fellow members, and the insights gleaned from their Group Leaders and expert speakers.

Creating opportunities to thrive

I see good things ahead for CEOs and business owners who really desire success and are willing to work hard for it. The recovery is there for those who focus with laser-like precision on the value they provide to their customers and the financial discipline needed to stay on top—discipline as in being realistic in your predictions and being nimble enough to adjust forecasts as changing conditions demand.

I don’t believe that the location of your business is necessarily a success factor in 2013. Leaders of well-run companies adapt to whatever region in which they’re located. By creating their own micro-environment (based on focus and discipline), they have the opportunity to thrive. Instead of passively reacting to external stimuli, they take what’s dealt them and make their own game out of it.

Members of Catapult Groups seeking that focus and discipline will have many resources to draw on in the coming year. Expert speakers will provide plenty of business-savvy insights. Discussions in our group sessions will emphasize best practices in strategy implementation and accountability.

And Group Leaders will share their own expertise and techniques for achieving desired results. This three-pronged approach has worked extremely well in the past and will, I believe, help propel many members’ businesses to the next level in 2013.

If you’re ready to ready to join other CEOs, managers and senior-level executives in a confidential group setting—where you’ll be challenged and rewarded like never before in your professional life—we invite you to learn more about becoming a Catapult Group member today.

Brad Mishlove