Mergers and Acquisitions for Growth Strategy

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Good morning, I’m Brad Mishlove, CEO of Catapult Groups. This morning I want to talk about the concept of entrepreneurial mergers and acquisitions.

Are there gaps in your business growth strategy?
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Oftentimes we read in publications like the Wall Street Journal or we see on CNBC how companies have acquired other companies and the transactions are in the multi-billion dollar range. But for our members who typically running companies in the $2 to $50 million dollar range, acquisitions are a legitimate growth strategy. So one of the things we often talk about in our CEO groups is how to go about them, and then the process of evaluating deals.

There is quite a process of due diligence process that people go through but I think you can be confident that it is a legitimate strategy to grow your business.

Whether they are inside your marketplace in the line of business that you have or perhaps in some complimentary business.

I think it’s worth taking a look at. In today’s marketplace, there is a considerable amount of very favorable financing available and there are several if not many professionals who specialize in helping folks both do the due diligence and documenting the deal.

So I would encourage you to take a look at mergers and acquisitions as a strategy for growing your business.

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Brad Mishlove