What Do You Expect for Your Business in Q2 2014?

1 Minute Read

On March 17, we launch our Q2 2014 Catapult Groups Entrepreneurial Index, a survey of CEOs, business leaders and entrepreneurs across the U.S.

As with the Q1 Index, we want to know how you feel about the upcoming quarter. How do prospects look for your business? Do you anticipate bringing on more employees? What’s your overall view of the business climate?

A link on the Catapult Groups website will take you to our online survey. Because we value your viewpoint, everyone who registers here and completes the survey will receive a free copy of our recent Catapult Groups white paper: “Real-Time ROI: The Value of Participation in a Professionally Managed Peer Advisory Group.” This white paper offers some great insights into how leaders grow their business through their experience as members of a peer advisory group.

The Q2 2014 Entrepreneurial Index takes only a couple of minutes to complete. Here’s what we hope to capture, regarding your outlook for the second quarter:

  • Do you expect revenues to expand or contract?
  • Do you expect to hire, downsize or stay the same?
  • What is your impression of the overall business climate? (Improving/Declining/Staying the same)
  • Do you expect to make any capital investments in your business?
  • Do you expect to finance your loan through a commercial bank?

Business leaders who responded to the Q1 2014 Entrepreneurial Index were optimistic about upcoming business conditions. Of those who took part in the December, 2012 survey, an overwhelming 86 percent of respondents indicated that they expected revenues to expand in the first quarter of 2014. The respondents also expected to hire in the first quarter, with 52 percent stating they will hire additional staff, while only 7 percent planned to downsize.

We’re eager to know if this optimistic outlook will extend into Q2 2014. Please check back here soon for a link to the Q2 2014 Entrepreneurial Index. As we said, it takes only minutes to complete the survey and to join many other business leaders whose outlook can directly influence the economy in the second quarter. Register when you take the survey and receive a free copy of our valuable “real-time ROI” white paper.

We invite you to join other entrepreneurs, CEOs, and senior-level executives in a confidential group setting where you’ll be challenged and rewarded like never before in your professional life. Learn more about becoming a Catapult Group member today.

Brad Mishlove