Growing A CEO’s Business With Education

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Growing a CEO’s business with education provided by our coaching and peer group programs is a core benefit of Catapult Groups. Would you expect your personal physician to stop learning about changes in medicine the day after he or she completes medical school? Would you hire an accountant who’s up to date with tax regulations as of 1985? Of course not.

I believe the same principle of ongoing education applies to CEOs and business owners as well.

Running a successful business can be incredibly complex. If you’re not steadily acquiring new knowledge and fresh perspectives, your business will suffer. That’s why I’m so enthusiastic about the contributions of the men and women who bring this knowledge and expertise to Catapult Groups members on a regular basis.

Real-world best practices

Among the most popular features of membership in Catapult Groups are the presentations offered by guest speakers—subject matter experts at the top of their fields who conduct interactive workshops with members 10 out of 12 meetings a year. Our half-day workshops focus exclusively on real-world best practices (no academic or theoretical discussions here)  that members can implement immediately when they return to their business.

These resource speakers (many of whom are either current or former CEOs themselves) offer cutting-edge ideas and techniques on virtually all areas of running and growing a business, including:

  • Banking/Financing
  • Compensation
  • Developing Personnel
  • Estate Planning
  • Exit Planning
  • Growth Management
  • Hiring and Retention
  • Personal Wealth Strategies
  • The Role of the CEO
  • Sales Management

Delivering world-class speakers to your community

Ordinarily, the only way CEOs and business owners might acquire this range of knowledge is by (a) enrolling in business school classes or (b) flying to different parts of the country to attend specialized business conferences. The difference with membership in Catapult Groups is, we bring these world-class experts to you. There’s really no comparison in the time and money saved by being exposed to these guest speakers during a Catapult Groups meeting.

As I said, these workshops are interactive. Members are invited to ask questions throughout the presentation, including the most important question of all, What’s in it for me? Our speakers’ mission is to engage members in thought-provoking discussions with real-world applications. Anything else gets left outside the meeting room.

Don’t let the hectic pace of day-to-day business operations keep you from expanding your knowledge of both your industry and the larger business world. Change is ever-present, so as a CEO or business owner you have no choice but to keep learning.

Learn more about how guest speakers help members grow their business—and other benefits of membership in a Catapult Group.

Brad Mishlove